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Custom Carbide & High Speed Steel (HSS) Cutting Tools

Our reputation has been built on providing quality tools and services and on time deliveries. From long production runs to 1 and 2 piece orders, our staff will work with you to get your job done quickly.


Whatever your specific needs are for the job at hand, our designer can make just about anything. Tools can be designed right here in our shop from your piece, part, prints, or detailed instructions.


State of the art CNC machines give us the ability to manufacture almost any cutting tool needed. We specialize in high performance solid carbide end mills, tapered end mills, form tools, and carbide step drills.


New tooling or your existing tooling can be modified to meet your needs.


We have the know-how to help you choose the right coating for your job. Click here to read up on the basics of tool coatings.

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