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Having one person building or reconditioning your cutter tools means you never have to worry about what was or wasn't communicated. If you've ever played the game "telephone" as a kid, you likely learned how a message handed from person to person can quickly erode. This scenario plays out each day with most machine shops and manufacturers, where important information is passed from person to person until the inevitable - mistakes in directions, requirements, tolerances. The same hold true when outsourcing your tools for reconditioning - the sales rep who picks up your tools communicates the information from you down the chain of command, where mistakes can easily occur. The bigger the operation, the more players there are in the game, and the more chances there are for errors.

Tommy is a master at his craft. With over XX years of experience working in tool grinding and reconditioning, Tommy knows all of the intricacies of the trade. Working in the field for so long, he can follow a job from start to finish; handling the project every step of the way. This means no details are forgotten or missed.


On top of being one of the best at his craft, Tommy knows his customers and their preferences like the back of his hand. Customers aren't just another job to him, they're the foundation of the business.

You need your tools to get your work done and they need to be in top condition to do it right. Tommy knows his equipment and how to achieve the ultimate precision and sharpness for every tool.


Meet Tommy - the only one handling your machine tools

Send us a pic of your tool to find if it can be reconditioned
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