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Tom Balazeski

With over 32 years of experience working in tool grinding and reconditioning, Tom knows his equipment and how to achieve the ultimate precision and sharpness for every tool. Tom shares his knowledge of the industry here with useful tips and insight.

Tool Talk

Do you have cash sitting in your scrap tooling bin?

The price of CNC tooling can have a dramatic impact on how competitive your project bids are. Yet, most companies often discard CNC tools that can be cut and reconstructed to factory performance for less than half the cost of new. Did we say less than half? Yep!

Tool Coating Basics

Cutting tools come in many shapes and sizes. Picking the right one for the task at hand can be difficult. With a variety of styles to choose from already, the matter is further complicated when you consider each of these tools could have any of a number of coatings. This article will aim to help you parse out which one, if any, will fit your needs when it comes to those coatings.

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