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CNC Regrinding and Manufacturing
of High Performance Carbide Cutting Tools

Discover What Makes True Tool A Cut Above The Rest

State of the Art Equipment
Fewer Hands

We have built a reputation for professional, personal service and for delivering the best new and reconditioned tooling. We make a point to know our customers, what machines they run, and what specs they require. Our reputation is in our expertise, our attention to detail, and our precision. 

True Tool is committed to using advanced CNC cutting and grinding equipment. Our Walter Helitronic Power CNC tool cutter grinders run state of the art Helitronic Tool Studio CAD/CAM grinding software. Walter Heli Toolcheck CNC tool inspection machines provide fully automated, high-speed inspections that are repeatable and accurate within 4 microns.

We all have heard, having too many cooks in the kitchen can spell trouble. At True Tool, every tool is inspected, estimated, and reconditioned by just one person who is a master at his craft. This provides a direct line of communication and higher level of accuracy from the moment your tools are picked up to the moment when they are returned.

Free Sample Sharpening - Call (616) 677-1751

We Edge Prep Every High-Performance Drill for Superior Performance

It is widely known that the edge-prepping, or honing as it is also called, can significantly increase the life of cutting tools by as much as 300% or more! Other benefits may include reduced cycle times of the cutting operatioin for the end user as a result of less chipping and a cooler running tool. Additonally, a better surface finish is obtained on the material being cut, thus the possibility of further cost and time reductions to the tool end user.

Custom Carbide and High Speed Steel (HSS) Cutting Tools

Our reputation has been built on providing quality tools and services and on time deliveries. From long production runs to 1 and 2 piece orders, our staff will work with you to get your job done quickly.


Whatever your specific needs are for the job at hand, our designer can make just about anything. Tools can be designed right here in our shop from your piece, part, prints, or detailed instructions.


State of the art CNC machines give us the ability to manufacture almost any cutting tool needed. We specialize in high performance solid carbide end mills, tapered end mills, form tools, and carbide step drills.


Broken or sub-par tooling can be modified to better meet your needs. Read more about regrinding and extending the usefulness of your tools here.


We have the know-how to help you choose the right coating for your job. Click here to read up on the basics of tool coatings.

We Have Hundreds of OEM Tool Profiles in our Data Files
  • Accupro
  • CJT Koolcarb
  • Data Flute
  • Garr
  • Guhring
  • MA Ford
  • Mitsubishi
  • Niagra
  • OSG
  • Sandvik
  • Sandvik
  • Drill Inserts
  • SGS
  • Sumotomo
  • Walter Drill Inserts
  • Walter Titex
  • YG-1
  • ZCC-CT
  • And Many More!
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